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"The Living Circle"™
Children's Peace Sculpture

by Paul Provence

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Thank You

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This is your 'chance of a life-time', to actively participate in remarkably influencing, and actually making history, by contacting us now with your desire to join master artist, Paul Provence (and a few special others around the world) as one of our priority financial contributors to this historically important 21st Century project and unique 'Fine Arts' event.

"The Living Circle"TM Children's Peace Sculpture offers a multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, joyful appeal for realistic peace, through a unique artistic innovation, that actually relates to all cultures, uniting hopefully all people in time...

Become a significant collaborator with Paul Provence today, and share in this historic, breakthrough global event!

Financial Sponsor Response:


Yes, I want to create a lasting legacy through my generous giving. I am interested in supporting now "The Living Circle"™.
(I wish to make contact at this time and proceed).


I'm actively interested and would like to learn more about how I can make a real difference, at my own level of giving.

Paul Provence, Fine Artist (Anthropologist)
President, Open Circle Arts L.L.C.,

phone   (206) 232-6789

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