I.  A SIGNIFICANT FINE ARTS EVENT : by Artist, Paul Provence

The "Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture project is a "first" in the world's history of fine art. It's unique design welcomes, invites, and actually requires living people -- that is, visitors -- to complete its configuration and vital message of hope.

"The "Living Circle"™ is a kinetic sculpture always changing and being transformed by the physical interaction and ideological realizations, resulting from present and future millions of individuals, joining hands in completing it's unbroken circle of individuals, families, races (multi-cultural ethnic groups) and nations. Therefore, "The Living Circle" ™ is truly a historically significant fine arts sculpture and event, perfectly timed to coincide with the unfolding of our new century and millennium, uniquely encouraging all individuals to act with responsible optimism, continuing into and toward, a better future.


"The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture powerfully and elegantly chronicles the entire history of dance. Those dance motifs which are clearly (and subliminally) present within each of the children's inviting movements are:

  • primal dance
  • folk dance
  • ballet
  • modern dance
  • jazz dance
  • child-like free play

The "Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture also champions the importance of our children as the actual foundation and future of any given cultural group by heightening public awareness, through fine art, concerning the importance of investing wisely in the future well-being of all children. This remarkable fine arts design features practical interaction, allowing astute people to gain a firm realization that each visitor's symbolic act of joining hands with the sculpture's children creates a continuing and powerful impetus for practical change. These individual realizations resulting from participation with the "Living Circle" sculpture, will hopefully lead to actual practical sharing, caring, and nurturing in the necessary areas of food; clothing, and shelter; appropriate health care (and enhanced prenatal nutrition); improvement in educational opportunities for all; and strengthening of cohesive family bonds.


The "Living Circle" Sculpture's profound embodiment of twelve beautiful, multi-ethnic children embraces child-like innocence while simultaneously conveying many other important concepts, ideologies, and design elements. Through fine art, this unique sculpture welcomes all people to share in peace, as we courageously enter the 21st Century; filled with hope for our collective future.


The "Living Circle" Children's Peace Sculpture stimulates and encourages all ethnicities and cultural groups to act with individual responsibility, leading to active sharing of resources and technology. This sculpture's design, encourages kind, practical actions, resulting in peace and good will among all people . . . a noble and achievable goal.

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