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Our whole world is searching for a new understanding ... Welcoming "The Living Circle"™ answers powerfully, with profoundly moving meaning and beauty!

A remarkable fine arts "first" is being created that is making art history! "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture -- Paul Provence, the artist, has designed a masterpiece, still in progress -- that is a timely and intriguing design that is both kinetic and people interactive. Paul the artist and renaissance man, is creating and enlarging a life-size bronze of twelve beautiful children, who represent all ethnicities on earth, joined together in a Matisse-like, circular dance of life, evoking great energy of movement, an innocent welcoming and openness to new friendships and sharing of exuberant joy in reaching ones full potential for quality life. "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture operates on many levels of significant meaning, including and dynamically chronicling the entire history of dance, as each child reveals a different epoch or genre of stylized movement, such as primal dance; folk dance; ballet; modern dance; jazz elements, or rhythmic free-form play. However optimistic or ideal its image, Paul's "Living Circle"™ sculpture's timely message, is always reality and truth.

"One of the inspirations for my final 'Living Circle'™ design came from Picasso's remarkable series of lithographs called "Rondes des Enfants" . . . 'Circle of Children,' and 'The Peace,' (released from 1952-1956). My sculpture will honor Picasso's love of life and freedom while simultaneously celebrating the noble intent and memory of the 'Decade of the Child's' goals, from 1989/1999, a valid model for similar initiatives continuing well into the future."

Visitors will encounter and enjoy interacting with these lively circles of impressionistically rendered bronze children, as they are permanently located and installed at several prestigious world capitals (within user-friendly public parks or civic squares) in a continuing celebration of our 21st century and highly anticipated millennium of hope. The permanent name from 2001 forward is "The Living Circle"™ denoting an entire new century and emphasis of practical concern toward all earth's remarkably diverse species, coexisting in harmony and equilibrium.

At each world capital where Paul's "Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculptures will be located, curious and intrigued approaching observers will be drawn toward, and into, each sculpture's center perimeter opening of twelve rhythmic, bronze children. We are then greeted and symbolically included in the family of mankind through the innocence of a child's inviting expression of friendship and acceptance . . . offered by their extended welcoming hands (please see Paul's actual art, noting the unique design feature of an interactive, living connection and opening, within the continuous circle of figures).

Never before has any life-sized sculpture invited and urged visitors to complete its integral design and timely message of enduring peace and freedom in such a unique way. As you can see, the sculpture is not completely finished until you, the visiting child or adult, step into the sculpture's opening, actually completing an unbroken circle of life, as a symbolic gesture, to be echoed repeatedly in the larger realm of our multi-cultural world and personal individual experiences. This is the heart and essence of this sculptures message -- individual, kind, responsible, peaceful, activisim.

"The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture will also evolve and transform into several design variations until it attains its final creative expression, by being placed on all habitable continents, linking hearts and minds just in time to welcome, and optimistically continue our new century and era, in a symbolic and literal embrace of peace.

"Fine arts and powerful cultural symbols can be very important, but there is also a practical dimension to this wonderful work of art. As a firm believer in quality health care, nutrition, and education for children worldwide, I have designed a very special children's sculpture -- a fine arts and historic first --with optimistic hope beyond the millennium, for heightening public awareness toward the special needs and rights of all children, who are truly and ultimately our future. I believe my exciting concept and "Living Circle"™ sculpture's actual fulfillment, will enhance and touch the lives of people everywhere. Our generation and many more to follow will enjoy the sculpture's rhythmic design and learn of its true historical significance. It is my sincere hope and plan that men and women on all six continents will find that their attitudes and actions are so influenced by this sculpture that practical steps will, at last, be realized towards ensuring our children's future -- a future of hope, genuine good will, and practical sharing." Through your generous financial support in purchasing the major "Living Circle"™ sculpture (or related design, fine art collectibles), we will certainly create art history together as partners. In our time . . . for all time . . . celebrate "The Living Circle"™, with us.

I value your concern for the plight of our children, who are the future of our civilization. "I wish to personally invite you to become a participant in the unique 'Living Circle'™ Children's Peace Sculpture by helping me complete this timely and important masterpiece and worldwide event deserving all of our attention. It is my pleasure to provide you with further details on how you can contribute now."

A wonderful fine arts design and a once in a lifetime global event, given to ours and future generations.

One by one... step by step, each individual contribution is truly important. Help create art history!

Welcoming ... Sharing ... Celebrating!

Giving… It's now in your hands...

Thank You for your support and welcome to "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture!

Paul Provence

Post Script:
Please feel free to contact me personally by phone at: (206) 232-6789 (preferred)
After our initial phone call I can then be reached by email at:

"By acting now, in contacting us, this is your personal opportunity and chance of a life-time, to directly contribute to the success of the world's next human scale, Statue of Liberty, or even better said, the world's first global, 'Statue of Freedom'. By sharing your resources, through a simple purchase / contribution to "The Living Circle" Children's Peace Sculpture, you are virtually collaborating with Fine Artist, Paul Provence, and many others who have joined this worthwhile cause, and will help truly help define the future, participating in the actual creation of Art History! Define the future through your giving. Thank you for acting today for a better tomorrow!

Your gift, advances history, shares Beauty in a remarkably unique way, and advances the most important cause of all ... achievable peace, for those who choose it. We welcome your inquiry and will followup on your interest, at your earliest convenience".


Yes, I want to create a lasting legacy through my generous giving. I am interested in supporting now "The Living Circle"™.
(I wish to make contact at this time and proceed).


I'm actively interested and would like to learn more about how I can make a real difference, at my own level of giving.

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