Interesting aspects of "The Living Circle"™ will be documented on film during all phases of the sculpture's creation, from clay maquettes (models) to finishing patina. We will also record the general public's reaction and interaction with "The Living Circle"™ sculptures during and after installation and dedication ceremonies at a variety of its planned, permanent locations (up to 30 potential world capitals).

This film series and historical record will continue for several years with periodic international installments released for broadcast in the U.S.A. and abroad. As a trained anthropologist, professional artist, and creator of "The Living Circle"™ project, I can say with certainty that our twelve segment film series will reveal remarkable facts and images from many continents as we explore the relationship between the natural world and creative inspiration, through folk and fine arts. The origins of "art". These relationships will be understood by tracing key environmental influences to their natural sources, then following individual creativity as it develops into artistic style and recognized tradition. Our entire documentary series will have an anthropological focus also exploring land use patterns in various cultural groups and how technological and agrarian perceptions influence behavior and creativity leading to "Art."

Interwoven throughout this fascinating multi-ethnic footage will be candid interviews with actual children, indigenous to our sculpture's depicted geographical groups. Also intersticed within each narrative film segment will be commentaries by key government and cultural leaders expressing their insights concerning industrialized growth and its compatibility with natural ecosystems and the development of cultural systems.

An outstanding Jacques Yves Cousteau filmmaker will act as one of our advisors, with one other major talent co-producing this potentially award-winning documentary film series with Paul Provence, "The Living Circle"™ sculpture's creator and designer. Our line producer is a New York associate and our Jacques Yves Cousteau advisor is already an award winning filmmaker with many prestigious credits and outstanding film achievements.

In summary, "The Living Circle's"™ life-size design -- revealing emotion and gestures expressed by each bronze figure and each child's ethnic diversity --deeply embraces individual freedom and enduring peace. My "Living Circle"™ sculpture and documentary film series builds upon the strengths of depicted individuals and cultural groups, bringing valuable insights that contribute to lasting positive change. It is easy to see how this sculpture will act as a magnet, drawing local, national, and international attention to the essential beauty and primacy of our children, their value as individuals within cohesive families, and the value of ethnic groups as a whole -- the family of mankind respectful of all Earth's diverse and important species.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, our worthwhile project.

Paul Provence
Founder and President,
Open Circle Arts ©

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