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"The Living Circle"™
Children's Peace Sculpture

by Paul Provence

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Executive Summary
Addendum: Evaluating Fine Art

Fancois Auguste René Rodin (1840-1917) said (paraphrased) ... All great figurative art, must show the human form in movement.

Paul Provence's masterpiece called, "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture, has certainly met Rodin's admonition to reveal the very best attributes of the human form; ideals and the human condition -- or soul of the art itself -- by drawing upon the foundations of prehistoric art; renaissance classicism and now Paul Provence has gone even further by suggesting that modern art's next phase (or breakthrough) can include distinctive individual style along with an elegant intertwining of influences gleaned from the very best art, through the ages. Paul Provence is first and foremost an artist, however as a trained anthropologist also, his sensibilities have a consistently timeless quality about them because his fine art is so archetypal, or deeply universal in its origins and appeal.

Great art is often evaluated and defined by various audiences of appreciation. In all fairness to, "art for arts sake" or the pursuit of beauty and excellence first and foremost by the artist and those special collectors who share that special vision; the last hundred years has also given rise to, "investment art," that is: individual(s) and corporation(s) who value art primarily for its continuously escalating prices. Motivations for collecting fine art are, therefore, highly personal and are often expressed in benevolent and acquisitive ways.

We wish to offer the following criterion for evaluating any great work of art, yet, believe that ultimately the desire to quest for it; appreciate it; collect and share ones fine art; is a personal choice based on pleasure. We also believe Paul Provence's "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture will greatly reward you (the noble benefactor who purchases it and then gives it) also bringing great pleasure and deeper understanding on many important levels, to this generation and those to follow.

Selected criterion for evaluating great fine art:

Originality. The artist is creating (in new ways) with unexpected surprises within the art itself. The art and artist's significance continuously evolves through innovative, distinctive and stylistic developments. Innovation!

Craftsmanship. The artist and the artifacts created, exhibit superior workmanship from the finest quality materials available at the time. Excellence and quality.

Historical Precedent. The artist is alive and creating at a special time in art history or has pioneered a new, "art style" or "movement" which impacts their generation and the art world in general. (Also association. The individual relates in some way to other great artists.) Cultural Associations.

Subjective Affinity. The admirer, "collector", or benefactor is drawn to a particular artists work for highly personal intellectual and emotional reasons. This is a subjective rapport that relies on reason or just emotional bonding with color; style; composition; personality, etc. An affinity...we just like the art! (And for certain individuals who grow and evolve into true "collectors", we love beauty so deeply that we must also now own this art, doing whatever is necessary to acquire it for our pleasure, while simultaneously - - as a genuinely altruistic benefactor - - creating and providing a rich, lasting, and truly meaningful cultural Legacy for others to enjoy as well!)

The measure of a man or a woman's true greatness, is in their sharing and generosity today, providing for a better tomorrow.

By acting now, this is your chance of a lifetime to participate:


Yes, I want to create a lasting legacy through my generous giving. I am interested in supporting now "The Living Circle"™.
(I wish to make contact at this time and proceed).


I'm actively interested and would like to learn more about how I can make a real difference, at my own level of giving.

Thank you, and welcome to "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture.

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