Abb. Executive Summary

"The Living Circle"™
Children's Peace Sculpture

by Paul Provence

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Any major fine art work -- especially of monumental size -- requires an entire support network and team of professionals to realize success in any given endeavor. This is especially true of the bronze casting process and of global fine art and cultural events like, "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture, which many have suggested will become our 21st centuries new global symbol for world peace, representing the very best in human potential!

Therefore, any world-class design and global cultural event such as "The Living Circle"™ project, has necessary pre-production; creation and even post-production costs, associated with it's debut. The general public and perhaps even elite fine art collectors are often unaware of the significant start-up costs required to create and produce the first example casting of a monumental sized bronze masterpiece.

Each, "Living Circle"™ sculpture is very important, for both artistic and cultural reasons, but the first life-sized bronze purchaser -- our magnanimous individual or corporate benefactor -- carries even greater prestige, because they are willing to share our vision, of how great art, can encourage world peace and champion all children's rights for our 21st century and beyond. Every benefactor who purchases a "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture is important! We are happy to include any altruistic purchaser or corporation in our highly visible future public relations campaign (or if a purchaser wishes, keep their gift to humanity a quiet secret, allowing their favorite designee to receive all the compliments).

Purchasing "The Living Circle"™ Children's Peace Sculpture, and then giving it to a world capital of the sponsor's choice is an opportunity of a life literally give the world its new symbol of world peace, the next Statue of Liberty, or even better said the world's first global, 'Statue of Freedom'. This will be a great honor for our benefactor or sponsor! We appreciate your noble participation and welcome all inquiries for a full purchase (or even a partial purchase, linked with others of similar supportive interest). Thank you and welcome to "The Living Circle"™.

Please contact the artist Paul Provence directly for a cordial introductory conversation at (206) 232-6789. Or by email at  

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