Abb. Executive Summary

"The Living Circle"
Children's Peace Sculpture


Sponsorship Incentives

Addendum: Evaluating Fine Art

Thank you

Due Diligence

Welcome ... Your personal invitation from Fine Artist, Paul Provence:

By acting now, this is your chance of a lifetime to participate in the amazing creation of the world's NEW 21st century, living symbol of hope and peace, united within a significant work or art; "The Living Circle" ... the world's first truly unique, interactive Sculpture of Freedom™.

Collaborate with fine artist Paul Provence with your important giving and become an integral part of enabling, creating and actually making fine art history!


Yes, I want to create a lasting legacy through my generous giving. I am interested in supporting now "The Living Circle"™.
(I wish to make contact at this time and proceed).


I'm actively interested and would like to learn more about how I can make a real difference, at my own level of giving.

Paul Provence, Fine Artist (Anthropologist)
President, Open Circle Arts L.L.C.

Phone: (206) 232-6789

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