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"The Living Circle"™
Children's Peace Sculpture

by Paul Provence

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Executive Summary: Due Diligence/Contingencies

Commonly asked questions and answers, for "THE LIVING CIRCLE"™
Children's Peace Sculpture Project.

Question: What is Paul Provence's essential artistic style?
Answer: Paul's primary style is French Impressionism. (He is a plein-aire landscape painter, often working on location to achieve immediacy of color, nuance and composition. His most influential mentors are nature itself, which is Paul's primary teacher; followed by stylistic influences by his three primary mentors: Claude Monet; Vincent Van Gogh, and J. F.Millet. Paul's other significant influences are from Japanese Minimalism: Utamaro; Hiroshige, and Hokusai. Simultaneous with Paul's concentration on oil painting, as a French Impressionist painter, he has also developed a mastery of pastels on paper (and occasionally creates and experiments with Non-Objective forms that border on surrealism).

Question: How long has Paul been an artist?
Answer: Paul has always been an artist, even from childhood, however for the last two decades he has professionalized as a Fine Artist, allowing his previous career as a trained anthropologist to recede and Fine Art to dominate.

Question: Where are most of Paul's art works today?
Answer: 100% of Paul's art works are in private collections around the world. The artist has chosen to represent himself. Up until now his artwork has only been shared with serious collectors, by private appointment only. He has developed a discrete artist/patron relationship and therefore, has never needed the services of art galleries or Art Representatives. However, he is considering for the first time ever, allowing select work consisting of paintings, pastels, and his sculpture in various sizes, to reach the public at a select few art galleries around the world (within the near future). Because all of Paul's collectors are discrete, he prefers not to provide an annotated list of names or phone numbers of those who own his artwork. (This is a private issue mutually agreed upon by the Artist and his patrons. Thank you for your understanding).

Question: How can I purchase Paul Provence's artwork?
Answer: By contacting the Artist personally at his direct telephone number (206) 232-6789, or by emailing him directly:

Paul enjoys interacting directly with his collectors and values the friendship that develops over the years around the placement of his oil paintings; pastels, and sculptures, with fine art collectors whom he considers genuine friends.

Question: Is "THE LIVING CIRCLE"™ intended for the public?
Answer: Yes, the public is the primary recipient of this masterpiece which is intended to be given together by the Artist and the Sponsor/Collector, to the World Capital and nation of the purchasers choosing. The current cost of Paul's, "Living Circle" Children's Peace Sculpture, suggests that primarily wealthy patrons of the Arts and/or major corporations will be the financial sponsor. However, smaller limited edition bronze castings, and other highly desireable 'fine art collectables' related to Paul's, LIVING CIRCLE™ Sculptures, will be available for purchase by the discerning collector or the public at large.

Question: How can I purchase a life-size version of "THE LIVING CIRCLE"™ Children's Peace Sculpture?
Answer: We are happy to provide a suggested purchase contract that is ideally suited to either individuals or corporations, depending upon how you would like to structure the purchase agreement.


Yes, I want to create a lasting legacy through my generous giving. I am interested in supporting now "The Living Circle"™.
(I wish to make contact at this time and proceed).


I'm actively interested and would like to learn more about how I can make a real difference, at my own level of giving.

Paul Provence, Fine Artist; (Anthropologist); President, Open Circle Arts L.L.C.,
127 Lake Street South (B).
Kirkland, WA 98033-6419

Phone: (206) 232-6789,
email:         website:

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