Mr. Paul Provence
Fine Arts International / Open Circle Arts (O.C.A.)

With great interest and pleasure,

I recently became aware of "The Living Circle"™ international children's sculpture, created by the sculptor/painter: Paul Provence. I was immediately and deeply moved by this artist's very special design, of twelve beautiful children in a wonderful dance of life.

Having devoted my entire lifetime to perfecting movement through dance; only significant fine arts statements or works, catch my attention and time.

Paul Provence's "The Living Circle"™ sculpture designs, thoroughly intrigue and stimulate me. I can honestly say, this dynamic, historic sculpture, truly reveals the entire evolution of dance, with imagination and choreographic vitality, seldom seen.

On several occasions, I favorably critiqued Paul's "The Living Circle"™ sculpture design; imparting to him and the twelve children; my serious suggestions and ballet gesture enhancements where appropriate. He instantly recognized and implemented my professional opinions, grasping the essence of spontaneous elegant movements, and created a genuine fine arts masterpiece.

I enjoy this children's sculpture immensely, and look forward to seeing its permanent placement at various international capitals throughout the world. Not only does Paul Provence's "The Living Circle"™ sculpture achieve originality as a dynamic 'first' in art history; it simultaneously encourages improvement for the plight of all children, while elegantly embracing practical world peace between all cultural groups. This is truly an astonishing feat!

I'm delighted to give my full endorsement as a professional artist - Principle Dancer, with the New York City Ballet; Ballet Mistress for the Balanehine Repertoire and current instructor at the School of American Ballet - to my friend, Paul Provence, and his very special, "The Living Circle"™ children's sculpture project.

Perhaps, once in a lifetime, an artist achieves this level of integrity, beauty and genius. Each of Paul's rendered children, reveal a different aspect of dance, with powerful lines and compelling mastery. I am sure Paul Provence's "The Living Circle"™ sculpture will also become a significant global symbol, for international cooperation and world peace.

This is an important artist, with a profound message and touch of sensitivity toward humanity and nature..My heart dances with freedom, having seen "The Living Circle"™.

All the best!

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