New York City, NY


Dear Paul:

I enjoyed discovering and studying your "Living Circle"™, Childrens Peace Sculpture, which is both whimsical and quite dynamic. Your clay maquettes and evolving life-sized bronze are both exquisite in form and powerful in line, while bursting with energy.

Obviously you have transcended anatomical accuracy (also excellent by the way) achieving such a level of fluidity in movement - with both dance and free form spontaneity - that there is nothing else I can suggest or say that could be revised.

Perhaps this is the best compliment a lifetime professional dancer like myself (years with American Ballet Theatre, etc.) can give to an aspiring artist like you, Paul…that your first efforts in dancing bronze, are truly great, while also achieving fleeting grace. No further critique is required, Congratulations! I wish you continuing success in completing your pivotal work, which I am sure will delight and inspire many.

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