90 Park Ave., Suite 2710, New York, N.Y. 10016

Mr. Paul Provence

Dear Mr. Provence,

I wish to commend you and your entire group of assistants for creating and developing "The Living Circle"™ international children's sculpture project. I'm especially intrigued, to learn of your plans for permanent installation in Japan., following by identical "Living Circle"™ sculptures at several other international capitals.

As you know, my company and I have developed an extensive working knowledge, based on experience with fine art; from the old masters, through leading Impressionists; even including significant contemporary giants, in today's art world. Your fascinating "The Living Circle"™ children's sculpture, is an outstanding achievement in original creative design, with a timely emphasis upon intercultural cooperation.

I encourage your artistic effort, and eagerly look forward to seeing "The Living Circle"™ children's sculpture arrive and remain in Japan, as its specially chosen permanent installation site. Yours is an important fine arts piece and remarkable plan. Soon. All of Japan will share in, "The Living Circle"™ special grouping of twelve beautiful children. Mr. Provence, your unique bronze sculpture; is making art history!

Congratulations, on such a worthwhile endeavor.

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