Anthropological Provenience

  1. Japanese (Girl)
    (From Far Northern Ainu to Southern Japanese islands, all-inclusive).

  2. Northern European (Boy)
    (Saami by origin).

  3. Indonesian (Boy)
    (Javanese) Bali, including Malaysian.

  4. Northern Native American (Girl)
    (Athabascan). Menomenee; Cree; Lakota; Apache; Hopi, and all other tribal groups.

  5. Polynesian (Boy)
    (Central Islands; Tahiti, Peoples from Raiatea; also Rarotonga region; Tonga and others).

  6. Southern European (Girl)
    (Originally, Minoan, Greek, and all other Southern European Groups).

  7. Asian (Girl)
    (Mongoloid; Inner Mongolia and Han peoples).

  8. African (Boy)
    (San: Ancestral Bushman, Kalahari Basin people. Including all African Peoples with stem-culture origins in Northwest Africa; Mande Peoples; Dogon Peoples from the Saharan Basin and Africa's Congo).

  9. Southern Native American (Boy)
    (Araucanian from the Andean Highlands and all others including South America's Western Lowlands. Upper Xingu River area).

  10. Indic (Girl)
    (The entire Sub-Continent of India, etc. Tamil peoples from Southeast India; Tribal peoples; i.e. Northeast Toda peoples, etc.).

  11. Australian Aborigine (Girl - Toddler)
    (All indigenous groups; Aranda, Gidjingali, Walbiri, Dalabon; Tribal groups).

  12. Pan-Ethnic (Boy)
    (All ethnic groups combined) a truly global child.

    *Note  (All anthropological designations are based on meticulous research by Fine Artist and trained Anthropologist, Paul Provence, and have been suggested and verified by several prominent scientific specialists at Stanford Univ.; Harvard Univ. and several other Universities. All the above categories reflect current scientific understanding for time horizons involving, "Stem Cultures" and are therefore genotypical designations, from which all global gene- pools of individuals and cultural groups emanate.)

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